Debt Collection Credit Checking

Before we chase any debts we perform an in-depth credit scoring /financial profile search of each debtor, we then monitor the debtor throughout the period until the debt is cleared.

Credit checking is a vital necessity. We recommend that you credit check all your new customers and monitor all existing customers on a daily basis.

Our unique credit checking procedures check daily on the following areas

  • Companies House
  • London Gazzette
  • Media coverage
  • Telephone directory
  • Electoral roll
  • Directors’ Register
  • Insolvency Register
  • Equifax credit score

    Our unique credit search system will monitor your customer and advise you of any negative or positive information that occurs on their file.

    The Government’s new legislation requires that you know your customers as well as your creditors and ensure all funds you receive are legitimately earned. Our credit checking service safeguards you against money laundering as well as ensures that you don’t suffer from bad debt.

    Our credit monitoring service is free with just a small charge to download information if and when required.


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