Debt Collection Tracing

Debtors often try to walk away from their responsibilities and indebtedness to you. To the untrained eye, it can often seem as if they have disappeared from the face of the earth. However, if you know where to hunt, the scent of their new hideout can often be found.  Once we are on their scent, a little more investigation usually leads to the debtor’s full, new residential profile.

Don’t write off a debt just because the debtor has tried to hide behind a new address. Employ us as specialists in finding debtors. Call them to account. It is increasingly more difficult to disappear from the modern world; we all leave electronic footprints of our movements. Specialist tracing agents like ourselves have access to major databases, to view, watch and research debtors’ present residential addresses as well as to any assets which they may own.


Track and Trace:


London Gazette :

Companies House

Insolvency service..?

County Courts Judgement Register..?

Electoral roll


Telephone directory


  • Land registry
  • ‘Who is’ website
  • Debtors register
  • Creditors shared communit
  • DVLA register


Track & Trace

Your debtor would need to be very aware of the tracing industry to be able to hide from all of the above databases. Once found on a register, confirmation of their residential address usually results in collection of the debt or, alternatively, the opportunity to serve documents to continue the debt collection process.
To locate and find your debtor you need to employ professionals who think and act in the same way as debtors. We seek out and find our prey in 8 out of 10 cases.



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