Application for Liquidation of Debtor

If your debtor has not paid their debts, this can be incredibly disruptive for yourself as well as your debtor. You may register as a creditor to file for liquidation of your debtor. We at UK-Debt Collection are on hand to advise you every step of the way to ensure that things run smoothly and according to correct procedure.

A Limited Company must pay their debts when they fall due, failure to do so or a statement that they are unable to settle their debts at present can be an admission of insolvency and therefore a call for the Liquidation of the debtor .

A liquidation called through with the benefit of a Statutory demand which, subject to how its been served, could result in the immediate freezing of the debtor’s bank accounts. Such action would clearly put your claim right at the top of the pile, to be dealt with imminently. You must fill out this form to register.

The debtors has many possible options in this situation however any actions would require the debtor to remove your petition.


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