Service of Documents

Serving documents involves ascertaining the debtor’s identity before the papers can be given. This means that your debtor cannot dispute that they received the documents, putting your case in a more stable position to proceed.

From time to time service of documents are necessary to ensure the Judge can see that you are an informed creditor and have given the defendant/tenant/ex-tenant/debtor every opportunity to defend against your claim. Sometimes trying to rely on Royal Mail to post documents result in mail being returned by the debtor alleging they no longer or even have never lived there.

In such situation, an agent serves documents and signs an affidavit to swear delivery can allow the process of litigation/eviction or bankruptcy/liquidation to continue.

Our process servers are highly trained; knowing their professional standards and appropriate/lawful methods of operating. They will open discussion to obtain a confirmation that they are speaking to the right person on positive identification of the correct entity, they will serve the document.

We comply with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) to ensure there are no errors in procedure avoiding any delays.

All service levels include:

Confirm receipt of all instructions
Regular client updates
Standard service of documents
Statement provided for Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding-up Petitions and Claim forms
Affidavits provided for N39 Orders

Cost : £180


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