Request for Judgement

Once the relevant period of time has elapsed and your debtor has defaulted (not responded to the Court) you may file to continue your case without a reply from the defendant.

If the 14 or 28 days have passed with reference to the claim form being submitted, and the defendant has not responded to the Court, the claimant has the option in which to apply to obtain a Judgement through default using the form n225 Request for Judgement.

Alternatively, if the defendant has filed an admission, admitting to the whole debt and offering an instalment plan, you have the option to apply for a Judgement using the form n225 Request for Judgement and the court will order the monies due.

Upon receipt of the Request for Judgement, it is usual that the Court will respond to you within a week and send you the County Court Judgement. Please continue to read our Enforcement section for further information on how to collect your monies post Judgement.


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