Pre-Action Protocol

This section covers what you need to do before you can take your debtor to the courts to attempt receiving a CCJ.

Pre-Action Protocol is used once your debt has been issued the stage of Litigation. Without commencing Pre-Action Protocol correctly you do run the risk of having your Judgement (once obtained) set aside or your application for a Judgement being unsuccessful!

This process through UK Debt Collect will consist of one 14 day Letter Before Action, and a final letter of Intent close to the end of the 14 days after the 14 days pre-action Protocol with a draft Claim Form attached to show we are serious about issuing proceedings.

Often at the stage of submission of the draft claim form, communications open with a view of settling the debt. Alternatively, negotiations start in which you, our client, have the chance to progress with the court or try to avoid court proceedings and process the debt through to debt negotiations with the aim of obtaining a settlement.

Alternatively, you may decide there is no compromise in which case your confirmation to issue the claim form is executed.

The process in which we act differs slightly depending and the type of debtor and the size of the debt. We specialise in small claims court and within in category we act as paralegals to assist you in bringing a claim against your debtor.

We work as your paralegal on a strictly time basis, we type out documentation and issue them for your signature and submission to court in your name at all times you remain firmly in control, you are the litigant in person.

£180 deposit on account
The charge on a time basis in complicated cases or cases when extra writing is requested an Hourly fee of £35 per hour is charged /


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