Debt Dispute Mediation

Using a mediator can simplify a dispute by allowing a calm, focused dialogue between both sides. This third party remains impartial and helps move the case towards a resolution.

Often a debt is all about a dispute, often a dispute that is amplified by personalities representing each side. ‘He said, she said’ scenarios are all too often the hinge pin of disputes and who and how contracts have failed.

A third party can often be the difference between obtaining a payment in settlement or having to finance a bad debt that has no likelihood of collection. This third party will act as a mediatory party that can examine the written or verbal contract, review the paperwork and talk in a calm, relaxed manner to both parties trying to obtain a resolution to the dispute. The alternative course would be court action where often the party with the biggest pockets to pay for legal representation wins the day.

Debt Dispute Resolution is charged on an hourly basis and handles the negativity generated by these cases and ensures you focus on more positive areas.

Our aim is always to resolve the debt as quickly as possible during our appraisal. We will also provide the likelihood of success based on documentation and hearsay of the case.

The original agreement is kept to the deed of assignment of the business purchase debt or in the case of a consumer debt 100% settle is supplied to the client.
The cost of administering this debt is a deposit of £190 and £35 per hour charges on a strictly timed basis, the initial payment covering for the first 6 hours work.


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