Litigation – Disputed Debts

Following the correct procedure can be difficult once your debtor disputes your claim. Having UK-Debt Collection on your side means we can guide you onto the correct path for dealing with disputed debts.

If the claim is defended or a counterclaim has been issued, then the following documents are served on the claimant or their representative. A Notice of Transfer, as you submit your Judgment to the Northampton CCMCC County Court (the processing centre) if a defendant disputes the claim the Northampton CCMCC will transfer the process, usually, to the local county court to the defendant. Directions Questionnaire, Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist) and then the Hearing.

From here on in if you wish to continue with the claim, we will act as your Paralegals. Also from here on in there are likely to be additional Court Fees on top of what you will have already paid. During the process of the Directions Questionnaire and the Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist), we will do our best to negotiate this claim and obtain a settlement out of court to save you the Hearing Fee.

Our full costs will be added to the claim and therefore (upon the Judge’s discretion) will be obtained from the debtor after judgement, if the Court awards in your favour. On a successful outcome of your case, we will move your judgement forward to enforce collection of the debt against your debtor.

The legal system is a complex one with many loopholes through to which your debtor may attempt to escape its liabilities to you, our client. Having UK-Debt Collection acting for you allows you to stay in control of the issue, with us advising your actions every step of the way.


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