Section 21 notice


No grounds for eviction, but want your property back? Then serving a Section 21 notice will be just the ticket for you!

Commonly known as a ‘no fault’ notice, a tenant can be removed from your property even if they haven’t broken the contract. A Section 21 notice can also be used if you have a tenant that will not vacate your property after their agreed leasing term has elapsed.

For leases starting on or after October 2015, certain criteria must have been met, for more details head to our Know-How section. In cases where the tenancy began before this date, please call us to see how we can help you, our dedicated team of paralegals are on hand to chat whenever you need.

Most often we find that serving this notice is all the motivation that your tenant needs to vacate your property. Get the ball rolling today and contact our team.

Section 21 notices may be dismissed if the form is an older or incorrect version or if any errors have been made on the form, including spelling errors, so why risk it? Allow UK-Debt Collection to oversee your case and free you from the worry that something has been done incorrectly!

Our discreet and speedy service includes;

  • A comprehensive case assessment, including evaluation of grounds for notice.
  • A compilation of the appropriate up to date legal paperwork ready for your approval and signature.
  • A choice of process serving. We can deliver your notice by hand or via Recorded Delivery. With either of these options a certificate of service can be issued, should you require it.


To complete a Section 21 notice for you we need your:

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • Deposit Certification (if a deposit was taken)

From £80


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