Section 8 Notice To Quit

Problem tenant? Broken one or more of your contract clauses? Then a Section 8 notice is what you need!

Evicting a difficult tenant can be a real hassle, and can be a very long process. UK-Debt Collection can help ease the path. Our friendly and helpful staff will do the legwork for you, allowing you time to get on with your life.

A Section 8 Notice, also known as a ‘Notice To Quit’, can be served for many reasons; tenants who have failed to pay rent for a minimum of 2 months may be served this, but that’s not all. Clients who fail to maintain your property as instructed under the contract or those who have refused to allow you to inspect the property may also be served with a Notice To Quit. Issues like these are likely to give you ground to serve a Section 8 Notice.

Sorting out the required paperwork and double checking all of the applicable details is a big task though, especially for those without legal knowledge! So why not allow our dedicated team to handle your case for you? With support throughout the whole process, you can rest easy knowing that your case is being handled by the best!


Our discreet and complete service includes; 

  • A comprehensive case assessment, including evaluation of grounds for notice.
  • A compilation of the appropriate up to date legal paperwork ready for your approval and signature.
  • A choice of process serving. We can deliver your notice by hand or via Recorded Delivery. With either of these options a certificate of service can be issued, should you require it.

In order to receive this service, we will require some documentation from you. These items include;

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy documentation
  • Rent Statement
  • Deposit Certification (if a deposit was taken)

From £80





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