Landlord to Tenant

If you rent to an individual who cannot keep up with rent payments or refuses to vacate your property then we at UK-Debt Collection can help with rent arrears and evictions.

The job becomes more difficult when individuals (consumers) reside at the property. You will hopefully have still got a contract and the tenant is responsible for abiding by the terms of that contract. If however they have failed to do so then it is your right as landlord to call for the courts to order their eviction.

Consumer Debt Collection of Unpaid Rent

Consumer Landlord Risk Assessment of Tenant

As a private landlord, completing background checks on your prospective tenants is essential in enabling you to reduce the risks you take when letting your property.

Consumer Landlord Pre Action Protocol

We at UK-Debt Collection can help guide you through exactly what you need to do before you can proceed with any action.

Consumer Landlords Section 8 Possession Notice

This can only be issued to a tenant who has breached the terms laid out in the tenancy agreement and if certain conditions have been met, the most common being one involving rent arrears.

Consumer Landlord Section 21 Notice

The landlord is able to issue the tenant with a Section 21 notice without giving any reason for ending the tenancy agreement.

Consumer Landlord Accelerated Possession

Once a Section 21 notice has expired, it is possible to apply for possession without needing to appear in court.


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