Commercial Property Debts

We at UK-Debt Collection look at the details of the case and advise on a way forward, being familiar with the actions of the court and aware of their decision-making which often is about the safety of the tenant regardless of the debt outstanding.

We will analyse the contract in which the tenant occupies the property, we will analyse the deposit supplied by the debtor and the possible “dilapidation analysis”, we will act as your paralegal and issue the “form?/” to start eviction along with the supporting evidence and court action, we will inform you of each action so you are fully aware of procedures as they move forward.

Commercial Landlord Debt Collection

Collection of unpaid rent debt

A free service that allows UK-Debt Collection to help you recover your unpaid rent losses.

Forfeiture of Lease

How to regain possession of your property if your tenant is in arrears.

Tenant Debts

So you have invested in a property and looking to gain repayment for your investment or loan by way of rent , the commercial Tenant is treated very different to consumer tenant , You have entered a contract and if your Commercial tenant breaches their contract then eviction/forfeiture of lease and even seizure of assets are relatively common and all of which are services we at UK debt collection undertake your instructions on.

UK-Debt Collection take your instructions of such services, of course, courts also have the responsibility to the alleged vulnerable as well as human rights, so the course can be difficult to manoeuvre through to ensure your tenant is evicted as soon as possible.


Debt Collection Litigation

So, you now have your County Court Judgement! But what next?! Our elite Enforcement services allow us to recommend the most likely chance of success, you have many different options, from Attachment of Earnings, to sending a Bailiff to their door. Again like most of our services, we do all the leg work and admin to save you a headache, all you need to do is sign the applications to court when we have filled them out for you.

Bankruptcy Petitions

The first stage of a Bankruptcy Petition is to issue a Statutory Demand, once the allotted time is up, the Bankruptcy can commence. A Bankruptcy petition can be for any Individual/Sole Trader and can be a costly exercise, BUT very successful if the defendant has assets to cover their debts.

Track and Trace

So has your Tenant absconded? Debtor upped and left their property to avoid your invoice? The business closed down and what to find out where the individual is that you’re trying to get your money from, but have no idea where to start? Look no further, our advanced Track and Trace service could well be the one for you.

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