Accelerated Possession – N5B Court Form

If your Section 21 Notice has expired, you may use this form to proceed with your case without needing to appear in court.

Once a Section 21 notice has expired, it is possible to apply for possession without needing to appear in court. This is called accelerated possession and the N5B form is the application to the court to start this process. It is available to landlords using the Section 21 notice provided they were the original landlord and they have a copy of the first and latest tenancy agreement.

You can order a completed N5B Court Form from the RLA.

To complete an N5B Court Form for you we need your:

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy (original and current Assured Shorthold Tenancy)
  • Section 21 Notice
  • Deposit Certification (if a deposit was taken)
  • HMO Licence copy (if relevant)
 £150 .


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