Landlord to Tenant Debt Collect

As a landlord, one of the worst situations is a tenant who refuses to pay their rent for whatever reason. This can cause many problems for you, and is a situation you want to be resolved with speed and ease! Our team are just waiting for you to contact them so we can help with your case! For more information on the types of landlord debt collection that we deal with, please see our links below


Commercial Landlord to Commercial Tenant.

A Commercial Tenant occupying your property based on a contract (lease). When your tenant defaults on payment they breach the contract, allowing you to claim over assets or forfeiture of the lease. Eviction of the tenant is another option and a relatively straightforward process with our team.

Domestic Tenant debt collection/eviction

A Domestic tenancy is when your property is the tenant’s main place of abode. This a debt collection is one which can take many twists and turns. When action should be taken is dependent on your end goal, be it cost recovery or eviction. For more information please follow the link, or contact our team.

Landlord-Tenant Debt Collection

Landlords often find themselves embroiled with a tenant, commercial or consumer, who have not paid their rent for one reason or another. This is most often a difficult collection; who seemed to be a safe good tenant so easily and often turns into a bad debtor. Initial attempts at settling these issues frequently fail and can leave you not knowing what to do. We at UK-Debt Collection will work as your paralegal, taking all of the stress out of resolving your case.

We at UK-Debt Collection look at the details of the case and advise on a way forward, being familiar with the actions of the court and aware of their decision-making which often is about the safety of the tenant regardless of the debt outstanding.

We will analyse the contract for which property the tenant occupies, will analyse the deposit supplied by the debtor and the possible “dilapidation analysis” we will act as your paralegal and issue the “form ?/” to start eviction along with the supporting evidence and court action , we will inform you of each action, so you are fully aware of procedures as they move forward.


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