Commercial Enforcement of CCJ

UK-Debt Collection will work on your behalf to complete the appropriate paperwork. We will make sure that your debtor is fully aware of what is about to happen and can ensure that correct procedure is followed, protecting you, our client, from any legal backlash.

Once we get the instruction for Enforcement we will advise the debtor of our involvement and advise our analysis of the method of collecting funds under the order of the Judgement. Often the debt is settled at this stage and has no actual need for the enforcement or instruction of additional legal powers.

However if the debtor refuses to move forward we will prepare documentation based on one of the below enforcement procedures. If your debt is below £600, your most cost effective option would be to use a County Court Bailiff to attend your debtor’s property;

  • If your debt is above £600 then we use the information to explain the likelihood of success for each of the options available, your options are:
    • Third Party Debt Order – We can assist in obtaining an order for their bank to pay you directly from the debtors known bank account(s);
    • Charging Orders – If your debtor owns Freehold Property, we can assist in obtaining a charge to secure your debt against the property;
    • High Court Enforcement Officers – We can assist in obtaining a Writ of Control for the HCEO to attend your debtors property.
  • We can assist in the Liquidation  Petitions of your debtor.

For each service there are different costs, however these costs, upon the Judge’s discretion, are added onto your debtor’s account, therefore upon successful collection will be returned to you.


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