What Are My Debt Collection Options?

Before you instruct us, we need to analyse the type of debt you have and advise the most efficient method of collection.

FREE Debt Collection

For Business to Business debts of less than 90 days old, UK-Debt Collection will offer a free debt collection service enabling you to manage your debtors ledger FREE of cost, FREE of Overdraft, and free of stress. Outsource your debtors ledger now for a hassle FREE, free of cost, collection service.

Sell us your Business to Business Bad Debt

UK-Debt Collection, subject to due diligence fee and terms within our Deed of assignment, will purchase your debt and pay you the agreed percentage of the debt within an agreed period usually within a 90 day period.

Bad Debt Collection

Bad debt collection is a stubborn debt that just will not remove itself from your debtors ledger. Whether the debtor objects to paying the bill, can’t pay the bill or tries to abscond leaving you with a unpaid debt, UK-Debt Collection will handle the bad debt using numerous methods of collection to enable you to make informed decisions on collection or managing the debt. Business or consumer, we can help.

Business to Consumer Debt Collection

A heavily regulated area, which can lead to great frustration for you, the Business, knowing that consumer rights are heavily weighted against you. We at UK-Debt Collection administer the chase procedures, moving the debt forward towards the possibility of Litigation, if required.

Consumer to Consumer Debt collection

Often outstanding debts are due to loans to friends, family and acquaintances, usually with very little paperwork in existence and communication has completely dried up. UK-Debt Collection administers the procedures you must follow to keep the right side of the law with a view of nudging the case towards a potential litigation.

Debt Mediation

Sometimes the issue of collecting debt seems an impossible task when you and the debtor simply don’t seem to see or understand the key facts or the other parties emotional perception of the debt, in such situation a 3rd party who can be perceived as impartial can often take the time to understand and listen to the debtors gripe and try to find a resolution to a stalemate situation .

Landlord to Tenant Debt Collection

A boom industry of purchasing a property and letting to a tenant, however all too often tenants refuse to pay you. You are left with a situation of collection debts, paying for damage of property and paying for eviction. We at UK-Debt Collection have a service for each possibility.

Commercial Property Debt collection

UK-Debt Collection work for commercial landlords throughout the country helping to ensure commercial tenants pay their rent on time or are evicted in a forfeiture of lease. UK-Debt Collection can assist in whatever your instructions are in this area of debt collection.


We at UK-Debt Collection offer many services under the heading of debt collection and each service is specific to the stage of collection of a debt. The following sections explain the details of each stage and how and why we may recommend specific actions at any stage of collection. We offer debt collection services from basic free debt collection, where all costs are passed to the debtor, through to Litigation and High Court Enforcement and Liquidation petitions. If you are looking for a professional and all-inclusive collection service from your out-sourced credit control agent, we are the company for you.


Debt Collection Types

We offer Debt Collection/Recovery services to all types of debt, whether you are a business or individual, landlord or tenant, we can help and assist you, all of our services are No Win, No Fee. However, in some instances we do require a small upfront deposit. In some cases we may even purchase your Debt.

Litigation Services

We offer an unparalleled litigation service, we do all the leg work for you, all you need to do is supply us with the documentation we need. As we are not Solicitors however, if the case is disputed we cannot represent you in the case of a hearing. With this in mind and with our years of experience in compiling the evidence along with the Claim Form, hearings are almost non existent if you choose to also utilise our Paralegal Services.

CCJ Enforcement

So, you now have your County Court Judgement! But what next?! Our elite Enforcement services allow us to recommend the option with the most likely chance of success. You have many different options, from Attachment of Earnings, to sending a Bailiff to their door. Again like most of our services, we do all the leg work and admin to save you the headache, all you need to do is sign the applications to court when we have filled them out for you.

Bankruptcy Petitions

The first stage of a Bankruptcy Petition is to issue a Statutory Demand, once the allotted time is up, the Bankruptcy can commence. A Bankruptcy petition can be for any individual/Sole Trader and can be a costly exercise, BUT very successful if the defendant has assets to cover their debts.

Liquidation Petitions

As with a Bankruptcy Petition , you need to is to issue a Statutory Demand initially. Once the allotted time is up, the Liquidation/Winding Up Order can commence. These petitions are for Limited Companies only and again can be quite costly, but very effective method of collection.

Track and Trace

So has your Tenant absconded? Debtor upped and left their property to avoid your invoice? Business closed down and want to find out where the individual that you’re trying to get your money from is, but have no idea where to start? Look no further, our advanced Track and Trace service could well be the one for you.

Commercial Rent Arrears

While your commercial tenant is in arrears with you , they leave themselves open to potential loss of their trading business and or claims over the assets they hold within your property . A lease on a commercial property commits your tenant to paying rent based on the terms failure todo say can result in forfeiture of lease a frightening situation for any Business.

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