Paralegals are also known as ‘legal assistants’. A paralegal works in the legal profession helping lawyers and solicitors. Though they do not have the same powers that solicitors and lawyers have they are a vital part of the legal industry. They are qualified by their education (which can range from a GCSE equivalent to an Honours Degree) to do work that needs legal knowledge, without the same qualifications a lawyer or solicitor would have.

Paralegals spend most of their days  preparing legal documents for clients. Other duties include interviewing clients and witnesses, going to court and doing case research, such as finding legal precedents. Paralegals must be eagle eyed as they prepare most documents for clients. They check carefully in case any wrong information, or spelling mistakes have been included in the document. Paralegals can’t give out legal advice, but they are allowed to inform clients of what paths are available to them. A paralegal may explain what each option means but they may not suggest which option the client should take.

If you unsure of what to do a paralegal will be able to help clear up your options. Our dedicated team of paralegals will help you wade through the many confusing paths open to you and give you all the information you need to find what is right for you. Once you have decided what you would like to do, our team will be there to ease your workload. We will take on the stress of drafting the documents for you to our highest standards. Contact our friendly team now!