Certificated Bailiff

Certificated Bailiffs are employed by private companies and enforce a variety of debts on behalf of organisations such as local authorities. They can seize and sell goods to cover the amount of the debt owed. They also hold a certificate, which enables them, and them alone, to levy distress for rent, road traffic debts, council tax and non-domestic rates. However, they cannot enforce the collection of money due under County Court or High Court orders.

After our Paralegals have assisted you in obtaining a court Judgement or indeed if you have obtained a judgement without our assistance. We will assist you to transferring a Judgement which is less then the value of £600 to instruct a Certificated Bailiff to serve documents to the Debtor, or use either the County Court Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer to Levy against assets at the address of the debtor.

In addition for Commercial Landlords our Certificated Bailiffs will visit the premises of your Commercial Tenant to Levy against assets of the Debtor at the commercial property in an effort to recover your monies in full.