UK Debt Collect offer a wide range of Professions which can help you in the collection and recovery of your outstanding debt.

Debt Collection can be a confusing issue to some. We are here to try and put to rest some of the confusions and help you understand the differences in the different professions that are associated with the term “Debt Collector”.

Below is a table with the different types of Debt Collector UK Debt Collect offer, for more information on each type please click on name of the profession.

Debt Collection Clerk

In short, this is simply someone who assists in the collection of an outstanding debt.

Debt Collection Agent

These individuals are genereally on the road trying to speak to your customers face to face.

Paralegal Clerk

Paralegal Clerk is someone who takes on the responsibility of negotiating a claim through the courts, however, they are NOT legally qualified and have no actual legal representation in front of a Judge.

Certificated Bailiff

These bailiffs are ones that will Levy on assets and goods for repayment and have a certificate to enable them to do so before the debt goes to court.

County Court Bailiff

Similar to a Certificated Baliff but act upon County Court Judgments obtained.

High Court Enforcement Officer

Similar to a Certificated Bailiff but have received advanced training and qualifications and act under a High Court Writ.